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The Ruefleur Orchard

The balmy days of autumn are the perfect time to visit the Dandenong Ranges when the mountains are cloaked in red and gold leaves. It is also chestnut season and what better time to visit our orchard in beautiful Olinda, just under an hour's drive east of Melbourne.

Chestnuts at our orchard in Olinda are usually harvested from the end of March and throughout April. The higher rainfall and fertile red volcanic soil ensures high quality produce. Our orchard has 100 mature grafted European chestnut trees (Castanea Sativa), the main varieties being Purton's Pride, Red Spanish and Black Beauty. The chestnut belongs to the Fagaceae family, along with oak and beech trees

The orchard is located 5kms from the Silvan Reservoir Park (BBQ/picnic facilities) and only minutes from the Olinda tourist precinct with its many cafes, restaurants and unique shops, as well as being a 35 minute drive from the renowned Yarra Valley wineries. Why not spend a day or weekend exploring the many delights of the region or stay at one of the many excellent Bed & Breakfast establishments?

Why buy from us?

The best chestnuts are sold directly from the orchard. Our chestnuts are high quality and flavoursome and free from pests and diseases.


Our fresh chestnuts are promptly harvested and correctly refrigerated at 0C to maintain maximum freshness.

No sprays

Our produce is pesticide and fungicide free.


Deal directly with the grower and know that the chestnuts you buy will be of superior quality to anything you might buy in a supermarket.


At Ruefleur Chestnuts the produce you receive matters to us.





Chestnut trees can grow very large (20 metres or more) and the chestnuts are produced once a year in autumn. They are contained inside a prickly husk called a burr. Once ripe, the burr splits open allowing the chestnuts to fall to the ground.

Chestnut burrs & nuts

Chestnut catkins (flowers) before the burrs form
Ripe chestnuts in their prickly burr. The nuts & burr drop from the tree onto the ground for gathering.